Monday, November 03, 2003

no, i haven't been ignoring you.

for the past week or so, i have had trouble uploading pictures onto my site, which in turn had turned me off as far as posting on a daily. needless to say i am back, but the server problems remain.


to get you up to speed, here's the skinny on everything:

- my 80's party was off the scale! it was a sold-out, super packed throwdown! by far the biggest one yet!

- i got a new car. it's pimped out and it's fast as hell. now i know why people are hooked.

- my yearly review at work went really well. i got a raise. word.

- i think i am really close to quitting my friday night gig. i know that i have been there for over two years, but i am tired of playing to a fickle crowd that's not challenged by music at all. if i get one more "get low" request , i think i'll...

- my new cd is in the works. it will not be all 80's (like i had originally planned), but a nice combo of everything to get the party started. i'm ready to get this one out. i've totally milked the last one.

- i am debating on new year's. should i take the high dollar, dallas gig or should i stay in town and take the less paying, pimped-out hotel gig w/my peoples? i'll keep you posted...

hope all is well...


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