Tuesday, October 07, 2003


i love my car, but i hate to drive (seems like people are clueless on the road).

i love to spin records, but i'm not feeling the crowds (no one ever supports and the ones that come out only want to hear commercial radio garbage rap).

i love the people who support and want to be musically challenged.

people who are too cheap to pay a $3 cover bother me. do me a favor, stay at home and listen to the radio.

promoters who bite my style for their parties and use the same venue and formula...i guess you could call that flattery.

dj's that spin just for the props and girls irk me. they spin commercial (c)rap too...

my sneaker habit is now officially out of control.

free coffee is good.

i love m's apartment.

i love all the 12" singles on the swedish brandy imprint.

i love the weather.

i love that that you're reading this.

have a good day.

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