Monday, August 11, 2003

times square.

i was a total tourist on my trip to ny. since jeff had never been there, we checked out all the hot spots for all the out of towners...

thanks to jeff for the pic.

while i am on the subject of nyc, i just watched this bugged-out short film on the city. if you have cable, i highly recommend it...

this past weekend was bananas. gigs all weekend (double booked on saturday) and i got to chilly chill and check out a flick with the coolest girl ever. word.

well, it will be the same this week as well - gigs all week and then it's off to dallas to judge a dj/mc battle and spin @ mick's bar.

ooh wee, where's the coffee...i'm gonna need it.

props to laurita for the plug!! you rock...


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