Wednesday, March 12, 2003

it's south by southwest again and it's muggy outside.

doesn't that glass of water look good?

to think that it was icy as hell two weeks ago and now it's warm and muggy outside. it made work today tough 'cos the ac wasn't running so...

...i had to change gear during my break today. that fresh and clean feeling when i got back to the job only lasted an hour. yuck. it will be worse tomorrow since our slew of sxsw in-stores begins and there will be a grip of people in the store all day. i'll make sure i bring a towel...

while i'm on the subject of being fresh and clean, what's up with the indie rock/heroin/dirty look? all i saw all day were these out of town cats with greasy, moppy haircuts and rocking black leather jackets in 80 degree weather...smelling like a locker room. even my friends visiting from nyc sport that look. i'm all about looking hip, but take a shower. hmm...i don't get it.

heroin chic is wack. get a job. :)

well, i am spinning tonight at plush with the BROKEN cats. they have this weekly that caters to a crowd that appreciates downtempo, broken beat and idm. since i got bumped from my friday night weekly due to sxsw showcases, the owner wanted me to do my thing there since it's the start of sxsw. so i'm pretty excited, especially since i get to spin all my downtempo records and other tracks that i usually do not play when i spin there. word.

props to the peeps who check out my blog on a daily! curlz, lynne, the lucci fam...

wanna smile? click here

well, i have a double iced mocha calling my name. i'm out.

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