Saturday, February 15, 2003

it's a sushi wonderland.

valentines day. a day to focus on your honey or a day that highlights the fact that you don't have one...

it definitely puts people on edge...


i awoke to the sounds of a friend catching their significant other in bed with another person. like watching a car wreck, i sat there helpless, reluctantly watching someone trying to piece together all the actions which led to this act of betrayal. it was surreal...

seeing all that reminded me of a similar experience i had several years ago. the feelings i had. what i went through. it sucked.

thinking of it made me sick.

but the day got better...

a sushi dinner and coffee with my girl.

a set at the bar tonight that i was really proud of.

seeing all my friends downtown.

morning aside, it's safe to say that valentines was pretty cool.

now it's time for bed.

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