Monday, January 27, 2003


i've been questioning the whole club dj'ing thing lately. it seems like the all the hip hop dj's (that i know) have turned into neptunes/timbaland jukeboxes. it has nothing to do with them, it has something to do with the crowds. as far as being open-minded, the club scene is not...which is disheartening. when you play commercial (c)rap you create a scene that only wants to hear that stuff, which makes playing anything beyond that difficult. it really sucks. it's not just a problem here, it's a problem everywhere.

after my friday night club gig, i was really disturbed by the requests that i got.

nothing but bullshit...

"can you play some hip hop people know?"

"why are you playing this radio shit?"

"can you play that sean paul reggae song?"

"how 'bout some pac?"

"can you play something in english?"

thank god for the huge indie rocker party i played at this past saturday night. i played whatever i wanted, to a packed house, filled with 200 indie rocker kids! they went nuts!
especially when i played classic rock, 80's jams and KRIS KROSS. a really open crowd is what this kid really needed!!! thank god...

well, tonight it's back to nasty's for more club rockin' goodness...

i'll leave my commercial records at home...


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