Tuesday, November 19, 2002


robert duvall stopped by work today to see a fellow actor's in-store performance. my friend megan and myself got all starstruck and got a pic...silly, eh?

...it's kinda funny since i watched colors and apocalypse now the other day.

on to other things...

the 80's party was the awesome. the bar was packed and all the parties involved were very pleased.


- the stage and the platforms for the dancers i rented were dope.

- the dancers did a great job.

- the huge crowd was enthusiatic! they lost it when i did tricks with the ramones and dropped a couple of choice smiths cuts.

- the crazed 80's chicks dancing with just their underwear on...go figure.

it was really fun. i really needed to play to a reponsive crowd! i love this town...

gotta go back to work.


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