Thursday, September 05, 2002

piling up.

mixer problems - my rane ttm 54 started acting weird today when i was laying down tracks for my new cd. after looking at it, i have determined that it's a short in the right channel. shit. the warranty expired two months ago. fortunately a good friend had the same mixer for sale. so, i went over and bought it (more loot i shouldn't be spending). it works perfectly, but there's a light that stays on when it shouldn't. DAMN!!! at least it's under warranty. i'll send it off for service tomorrow.

no car - hopefully it will be done by this weekend.

no time - to work on this cd i have been slaving over.

the quality of people going out to the bars i play out lately - lame. i really dislike spinning to a crowd that only wants to hear commercial RAP. not HIP HOP, RAP!!! this is not an isolated problem, it's happening all over. i'm not a radio dj...

the lack of fresh venues to throw parties - maybe i'll throw a party @ denny's. that would be funny...

things aren't that bad. i think the lack of sleep and food is starting to take it's toll.

i feel better now...

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