Monday, April 15, 2002

my weekend.

well, it was cool. i spent the weekend with my girl up in dallas. i really needed to get away since the next two weeks will be crazy. anyway, i got us a room on for $40 dollars a night. i figured that if i picked the market area, i would get the anatole or something. NOT! i got the radisson on west mockingbird and harry hines. it was an odd area and kinda out of the way, but the room was nice. the chica and myself lounged all weekend and watched movies. ah yes!

when we did go out, it was ill. dallas is not my town. there's this certain attitude about it. i can't put my finger on it, but it's something. everywhere we went, people were rude - at starbucks (the only coffeehouse i could find in dallas) and at every restaurant we went to. go figure. big city. big attitudes. i guess if i had to serve a bunch of highland park types i would be rude as well. who knows...

what's up with valet parking everywhere?

hanging out with my best friend and his girl rocked, the thrifting was awesome and being away was what i needed. dallas is cool, but i would never live there. i always appreciate austin when i come back from a trip. word up.

here are some pics...

umbrellas at liberty noodle.


a random bar in exposition park.

my friend carolyn running thangs at snookies.

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