Monday, November 26, 2001

where's the advil?
i am paying for my sins. i have the worst hangover ever. my girl shells and myself started off the evening at oceans 11, a tiki bar downtown where we shared a large flaming drink which was followed by a pill. then we scurried over to plush where we indulged in some trip hop and a few mixed drinks. our last stop was the 80's night at the goth bar called elysium. when we walked in i was wasted! so more beers, madonna and a large group of goth kids is all i can remember. i'm really pissed that i drove shells and myself home, i was so drunk. we should have taken a cab. luckily, i made it home in one piece. as soon as i walked into the house, i passed out. around 8am, i got up to yak all the booze i had ingested. i went back to bed and awoke at 2pm. so after a gallon of water and some much needed food, here i am chillin' behind my computer with a bitch of a headache. like i said, when i team up with shelly, IT'S TROUBLE!!!

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