Tuesday, November 06, 2001

while i was on the internet last night, my ex-girlfriend caught me on AIM. a random act it may be, but i never expected her to get in contact with me that way - considering the fact that her live-in "boyfriend" probably breathes down her neck and that a moment away to contact anyone via the internet is more than likely, next to impossible. that aside, it was strange nonetheless. she told me that her grandfather died the other day, right before her eyes. i don't know about you, but regardless of the history i may have with someone (good or bad), when i hear that someone close to them has passed, i can't help but to feel for them. i feel especially bad for her, she was really close to her grandfather. when she told me the details, it really hit home. my grandfather passed away in july.
i found out right before i was to play a huge outdoor festival in dallas. it was so surreal.
anyway, all day i have been thinking about her and how she's coping. call me a bleeding-heart, nice guy or whatever you want, but i can't help caring and being concerned.

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