Friday, October 26, 2001

the smooth cocoa butter flow.
at my gig last night, i played d'angelo's "untitled" ep which has the "dreaming eyes of mine" remix, "everybody loves the sunshine" (the roy ayers joint) and of course, the title song. when things slowed down, i didn't want to mix anymore so i played "untitled" like three or four times, back to back. playing those tracks prompted me to run home and dig around for the voodoo lp. after finding it and blowing the dust off it, i threw it on the deck and gave it a spin. i almost forgot how much i love this album. ah, it brings back memories of beautiful spring afternoons and smoked out evenings. this is classic. i suggest you get with program as well and get some d'angelo in your life. we all need more SOUL...

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